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Just Use the Friendship Meter Calculator of Friendship Game Prank to Calculate Friendship Percentage

Type the names of the two people in Calculator of Friendship text box area and press the "CALCULATE" button to know about the friendship relationship compatibility with our Best Friendship Calculator Friendship Meter.

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Calculator of Friendship, Friendship Calculator, Best Friendship Calculator, Friendship Calculator Game, Friendship Calculator Prank, Friendship Meter,

Friendship is a relationship which never ends. It removes our loneliness for whole life.


Calculator Of Friendship, Friendship Calculator

You can just use our Friendship Calculator tool to know about the bonding between two people. You can see the friendship compatibility percentage with your true friend with the help of our Best Friendship Calculator tool Friendship Meter. You must accept this Calculator of Friendship as Friendship Calculator Game and Friendship Calculator Prank. "Calculator of Friendship" Friendship Meter just shows your basic bonding with your friend. Not taking it very seriously.


Friendship Calculator, Calculator Of Friendship

Enter your name and your friend's name in the text area boxes of "Calculator of Friendship" tool. And it shows the Friendship Meter percentage. 

Definition of Friendship

All of us have friends and we all crave for a true friend. The fact that friendship is so precious is really what makes us consider ourselves lucky when we find a good friend. 

So, what is your definition of friendship? Can you define friendship? For some, this is very easy to do while for others it is just not possible to put into words what friendship means.

So, who is a true friend? What is the true definition of friendship? Is it a valuable relationship shared by two people who care and love each other? Well to each his own. 

Even though we may have a loving and caring family but all of us rely on our friends when it comes to getting advice or when it comes to sharing a funny anecdote or if we are down with some dilemmas or problems.

True friendship is shared by people who aren't bothered to be courteous with each other, of course this does not mean that one can be rude or crude, but it definitely means that true friends aren't too worried about calling their friend at any hour in order to have a talk. 

It is quite natural that all of us would immediately crave for a good chat with a friend when we are in deep troubles or regular problems. True friends are those who can speak their mind about anything without having to worry about what the other person might think.

Whenever the word ‘friendship' comes to picture, the word ‘love' also has to pop in somehow! 

Friendship is a lot similar to love but it is also true that there is a world of difference between the two. It is true that there can be platonic friendship between two people of opposite gender. 

One similarity between friendship and love is that both are intimate relationships which are deep and sometimes incomprehensible.

The reason why friendship and love aren't the same thing is because in love, one is deeply attached with a special someone, however the same cannot be said for friendship; one can have a lot of friends and love all of them equally as well. 

Also, the feelings for the opposite person are completely different when it comes to love. One does not spend sleepless nights lost in the thoughts of a friend or the heartbeat does not automatically increase when anticipating a friend or one does not feel completely lost if the friend isn't available for a couple of days! If that happens, then it is love not friendship!

What is Friendship?

Calculator of Friendship, Friendship Calculator, Best Friendship Calculator, Friendship Calculator Game, Friendship Calculator Prank, Friendship Meter,

It’s become an epidemic among people of all ages, but not one that people want to talk about.

Loneliness is the cause of multiple health issues, both physical and mental, in fact; the mortality rate of loneliness can be the same as smoking 10 cigarettes a day.

Research from Brigham Young University tells us that a lack of connection, or loneliness, can have a bigger effect on our health than obesity, smoking, a lack of exercise or poor nutrition; increasing mortality rates by between 30 and 60%, and reducing life expectancy by up to 10 years.

On top of this, the mental health problems that the feeling of isolation can cause, depression, anxiety, possible substance abuse, etc. can make the battle an even bigger issue.

So, what can be done about it? How can we tackle this problem?

There are a couple of groups that are working hard on trying to solve this problem. 

The campaign to end loneliness is a group in the UK that are working with older people and trying to help them cope with loneliness after kids move away, or after the loss of a loved one. 

It is understood that those who are mature aged are more at risk of the associated impacts of loneliness than any other demographic.

There are numerous meet-up sites and groups for people that share a common interest or a hobby, but it is hard to know if these are the people that you will really connect with, or even the people that you should be hanging out with at all. 

Also, it isn’t only the introverted that have trouble in group situations; many people feel anxiety in large group situations, making it hard to not only meet people they’ll truly connect but to meet anyone new at all.

Top-10 List of Best Things Ever Said about Friendship

Nothing but the sky itself is better than a friend who really friend.

This is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be silly with them.

No grass grows on the way between friends' houses.

If I have no friends, then I am nothing.

Friendship, like money, is easier to earn than to keep.

To be rich in friends is not to be poor in anything.

A simple friend will agree with you, but a real friend will argue.

Make new friends, but take care of old ones.

A loyal best friend is someone who stands up for you, even when you are not around.

Don’t Love a Friend who Hurts you, Don’t Hurt a Friend who Loves you. Smile in Pleasure, Smile in Pain, Smile when trouble pours like Rain, Smile when someone Hurts you, Smile because SOMEONE still Loves to seen u Smiling.

Meaning of Friendship

If friends were flowers, I would not pick you! I’ll let you grow in the garden & cultivate you with love and care, so I can keep you as a friend forever. A friend must say that sweet when in the first time, but it is going much sweeter when it's TRUE, but do you know about? It's becoming so sweetest when its only you.


The number of real friends we have

Off the top of your head, how many friends have you got? How about on Facebook? 500? 1000? It turns out that people can only maintain relationships with up to 150 people. Maximum. That’s it. 

Even if you have more on your Facebook account, it seems we only ever interact with 150. Dr Robin Dunbar at the University of Oxford came up with the figure, and it bears his name, ‘The Dunbar Number’. 

But these 150 people are mostly just people we know, so how many friends have you got?

Most people have 3-5 close friends. Total. Not the hundreds or even thousands that their FB numbers say they do, just 3-5 people. 

How do we know who’s a real friend, and who’s just somebody we know? There are plenty of ways.

Good friends are there for you when you need them. They’re the first on the phone with a call to see if you’re OK and if there is anything they can do. 

If you call them, they will always pick up, unless there is a serious reason not to. They will make time to get in contact with you, even if you’ve forgotten to contact them because you’ve been flat out.

Acquaintances on the other hand, they make time when they can. They don’t go out of their way for much. 

They’re the people who click like when you put that your Grandma passed away on Facebook rather than calling you and asking if they can help in any way.

A close friend never judges someone for their choices, or who they are. Attributes like Black, White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Christian, Atheist, Muslim, Gay, Straight, these are never spoken about with true friends because it doesn’t matter. 

Acquaintances on the other hand think about every difference, and will occasionally bring the differences in people up as a reason that someone may have a different opinion; when invariably, the difference of opinion merely comes from both people being humans with independent minds.

Friends are the people you go to for advice, and the ones that ask you for the same thing. They know you as well as you know yourself, and you know them equally as well.

The old quote says it best when they said, a friend will bail you out of jail and ask, “What did you do?”. However, a best friend is the one sitting next to you in jail asking, “What did we do?"

Have you outgrown your old friends?

Everyone’s got that friend or group of friends they met in high school, or even earlier, that they used to get in trouble with and all those shared hours of detention. 

Quite often, as we get older, we realize things have changed, and frankly maybe we shouldn’t be friends any more. SO, how do we know that we’ve outgrown our friends.

At first, it’s small things, maybe your interests have changed and theirs haven’t. You don’t love playing video games or making friendship bands, or playing Dungeons and Dragons, or whatever the hell you did as kids together, but they still do. 

They love it, and have taken it online in the modern era. They’ve gone way over the top and try to get you to share their enthusiasm for it, but you just can’t do it anymore.

Beliefs change over time too. Sometimes religious people stop going to church, and non-religious people decide to take it up as adults. 

No judging here, but it can make a big difference in people’s attitudes. Political opinions change as we get older, and this can cause some real issues!

Going out at night is a big one too. Maybe nowadays on a Saturday evening you’re keen on a quiet night in; when all they want to do is go out until all hours in the morning. 

You’re married, and they’re single, and there may be kids in the picture. You have one person who is as free as a bird, and the other who’s the exact opposite.

Over time it can escalate and the only reason you stay in contact is out of obligation. You call them (because as friends that what you’re SUPPOSED to do), and you have nothing to say to them. 

They want to talk about pointless crap, and you have lots of important stuff going on that you think they just wouldn’t get.

It’s nothing to worry about, it’s all a natural part of life. As we get older, we look for ways to meet like-minded people that share our values, and that want the same things out of life that we do. 

There comes a time in everyone’s life that we just have to say goodbye to those people who don’t.

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